Vilification & Discrimination Policy

The Caulfield Bears Junior Football Club does not tolerate vilification in any form and is committed to ensuring safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for all people involved in football and with the Club. In keeping with this commitment the Caulfield Bears Junior Football Club has adopted, and adheres to, the AFL Vilification and Discrimination Policy, which states (amongst other things):

“No League Participant or Club Official shall engage in conduct which may reasonably be considered to incite hatred towards, contempt for, ridicule of or discrimination against a person or group of persons on the ground of their:

Sexual preference, orientation or identity; or
Special ability or disability.”

A copy of the AFL Vilification and Discrimination Policy can be found on the AFL website.

A complaint in relation to any conduct or incident relating to vilification or discrimination should first be reported to the Club’s nominated Incident Officer who is knowledgeable regarding the application of the policy and the process for resolving complaints.

The Club Incident Officer can be contacted on here. Also visit the Committee for more information.