Issue Resolution Policy & Guidelines

The Caulfield Bears Junior Football Club requires that all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of the club’s members & officials in a timely fashion. Accordingly, the following Issue Resolution Procedures have been developed to enable this objective to be fulfilled. All members have a responsibility to participate in reasonable actions to resolve issues. The procedures below detail the level of involvement for expediting issue resolution.


Any person wanting to raise an issue shall do so as follows:


To be raised with

Football or team related

Team Manager &/or Coach

General nature

President &/or Vice President


All issues to be lodged in writing to the appropriate person, as above.

Whenever possible, the person reporting the issue should make suggestions that may resolve the issue. As soon as possible after an issue has been reported, the Team Manager &/or Coach &/or President &/or Vice President and the claimant must meet and try to resolve the issue.

Where the initial party/ies cannot resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all parties and the matter is football/team related, the Team Manager &/or Coach or Claimant should refer the matter as soon as possible to the President &/or Vice President. The President &/or Vice President will call upon the Coaching/Team Manager Co-ordinator(s) to assist in the issue resolution process.

In attempting to resolve the issue, all parties should take into account the following factors:

In attempting to resolve the issue, all parties should take into account the following factors:

  • the extent of the issue (i.e. is it likely to have a wider effect in the club)
  • the number of players &/or teams affected
  • whether appropriate temporary measures are possible or desirable
  • the expected time before the issue can be addressed and what resources may be needed to resolve the issue.

The consent of the Committee must be obtained before any external parties are involved in the resolution of club issues. Only the club President &/or Vice President is authorised to make public comments or statements on behalf of the club.

The Team Manager &/or Coach may, at any time, call upon the President &/or Vice President for assistance to resolve the issue.

Any football or team related issue reported to the Committee, where the Team Manager &/or Coach has not been given the initial opportunity to resolve the issue, will be referred back to the Team Manager &/or Coach.

All persons must take reasonable actions to avoid situations that could cause injury or harm to the health of players, parents, officials, spectators or members of the general public. If any hazard is identified, the President &/or Vice President &/or Risk Management Officer are to be informed as soon as possible.