Coach selection process

Appointment of Coaches at Caulfield Bears JFC

The Caulfield Bears JFC governs the appointment of all Coaches on an annual basis. Any person seeking a coaching position should complete a ‘Coaches Application Form’ available on the Caulfield Bears JFC website. 

The appointment of all coaches shall be at the sole discretion of the Committee and shall be done in consultation with the Coaching Coordinator.

All coaching appointments are made for one season. All Coach’s appointments will conclude at the end of each football season.  Coaches seeking appointment are required to apply or re-apply for a position by the date set out and published by the Committee (this date may vary for different age groups).

All Coaches will need a current ‘Working With Children Check’ and a minimum of Level 1 Coaching Accreditation. The Club will assist anyone who needs to complete this training. At the time of their appointment, all coaches must agree to adhere and sign the Caulfield Bears JFC Coaches Code of Conduct. 

The Committee has determined that coaches will have a maximum of three years tenure. This policy is to assist players in their development and to experience the challenge of playing under different coaches to maximize their enjoyment, experience and potential. This may be reviewed at the sole discretion of the Committee should no suitable applicant be obtained for the season following a particular Coach’s three year tenure.

Coaches are appointed for a particular age group, not a specific group of players. In accordance with the Registration and Team Selection Policy there is no presumption of retaining players from a prior season.

Coaches will be allocated their teams after Team Allocation Date.  Prior to this date, they will conduct pre-season training with all players registered in their age group.

If there is a situation where more than one coach has been appointed to an age group on the assumption of multiple teams and this does not eventuate, the Coaching Coordinator will work with the relevant Coaches to determine who will be the Head Coach and who will be the Assistant.