Girls' Football

The Australian Football League (AFL) continues to celebrate the success of its women's AFLW competition, which began in 2017. Many experts agree that the AFLW is the major reason behind an enormous spike in female participation numbers. Nationally, in the AFLW’s first year, there was a 56 per cent increase in female community-based club teams, and overall participation across all levels of the game jumped 12.5 per cent to a record 1,404,176.

Caulfield Bears is an ideal home for girls to begin or continue their football journey. We are proud of our reputation as an inclusive, family-friendly, community-based club. 

We’re small enough to care and big enough to challenge!
We know girls love football for many reasons, including:

  • having fun as a team 
  • experiencing positive self-esteem, respect, recognition and a can-do attitude
  • the chance to be tactile and physical 
  • observing strong female role models and a positive body image
  • improving spatial-awareness skills
  • becoming a capable young adult
  • learning to be passionate

We have girls-only teams and mixed (girls and boys) teams.

C'mon girls, make your mark! Register to play through Sporting Pulse.

For more information email Amy Conrad or phone 0424 558 081.

Download flyer.

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