Bear Banners

How to make a 50 or 100 games Bear Banner

The club has a kit available at the club rooms which includes all the materials needed.

Contact Rebecca Kovak on 0415 321 199 or for help coordinating banners.

Alternatively you can purchase materials from any large stationery supplier (such as Officeworks) and follow these on-line instructions.

img s banner



  • Two large Poles 
  • Wide and narrow sticky tape 
  • Craft Glue 
  • Red and Yellow copy paper cut into alphabet letters 
  • Red, Yellow and Blue crepe paper 
  • Scissors 

50 GAMES: 3 Blue strips + 1 Red + 1 Yellow Crepe Paper

100 GAMES: 4 Blue + 2 Red + 2 Yellow Crepe Paper

  1. Stick crepe paper together using narrow sticky tape in broken bits so the player can break through without cutting his/her head off.
  2. Turn over and repeat so the banner is reinforced and wind resistant.
  3. Trace letters from templates in the kit OR use pdf guide to print from your own printer. You can use coloured paper and cut out around letters.
  4. Arrange letters working on the “blue” part of the banner and stick down with craft glue and allow to dry
  5. Attach the banner to the sticks with the wide sticky tape. With a good wrap around top and bottom 
  6. Roll the banner up, (when dry), from each end – meeting in the middle. 

Some examples of banner designs using templates.

To download templates for logo click here

To download templates for letters click letters needed:

A B C D E F G H I-J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z No.1 No.5 No.0